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Pumo Carrara Marmor von Stories of Italy

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Pumi sind Glückbringer aus Italien und stammen ursprünglich aus Apulien. Dort schmücken sie in allen Formen und Farben Wohnräume aber auch Terrassen und Dächer.  Dieser handgefertigte Pumo wird komplett aus Marmor hergestellt.


Limitierte Auflage Ja
Zusätzliche Informationen Handgefertigt
Material Marmor
Farbe Weiß
Höhe 23 cm
Durchmesser 15.5 cm


This Carrara marble sculpture was cut and sculpted by hand. In the past, in the Apulia region in the south of Italy, pumi were commonly used as ornaments placed in the corners of balconies, on eaves and on staircases’ handrails, in both royal palazzos and common residences. Depending on the size and the colors, the pumo assumed throughout the years a distinctive value among the aristocratic Apulian families, comparable to the heraldic coat-of-arms. In Apulia, to these days, the pumo is still a popular object, which is given as auspicious gift to newlyweds, to people moving to a new home, or starting a new venture. Slimmed down to its purest form, this pumo, made from Carrara marble – one of the most precious materials in Italian artisanship –; evokes these ancient Italian traditions.

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1.757,00 €

inkl. der gesetzlichen MwSt.
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